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Corona Virus 2020: A Global Pandemic?

Posted on Jan 28, 2020,  1 p.m.                                                                    
Article courtesy of: Carol Petersen RPh CNP
Influenza (flu) is defined as an  acute, commonly epidemic disease, occurring in several forms, caused by  numerous rapidly mutating viral strains and characterized by respiratory  symptoms and general prostration. (1)  The flu has a major impact on  the lungs. Colds start in the nose and upper respiratory tract. Vomiting  and diarrhea are assigned to yet another viral family.
Corona Virus

We are currently in the grip of a  media frenzy and potential public health disaster. A new type of corona  virus has emerged from a large city in China, Wuhan, and the world is  bracing for an impact of a major epidemic. We have been here before,  however, we have already experienced MERS (Middle East respiratory  syndrome) and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) along with the  same specter of massive numbers of deaths. Corona viruses are thought to  be generally mild and not very virulent. This type of virus is found  very commonly in animals. Some now believe that the virus for MERS, SARS  and now the Wuhan Virus has somehow unnaturally been transmitted to  humans, and humans have now become another vector for this infection.
Western Medicine, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp

We have developed Western medicine  primarily by following the teaching of French chemist Louis Pasteur  (1822-1895) and the Germ Theory of Disease. Pasteur believed that  diseases were caused by outside pathogens invading the body. Antoine  Béchamp a Pasteur contemporary, disagreed. He believed that it was that  the condition of the body, the terrain, was the source of illness. A  healthy body is dependent upon its acid/base balance; its charge; the  amount of toxicity and its nutritional status. Only tissue that is  already diseased can harbor organisms that become pathogenic. We are  starting to appreciate our complicated relationships with the microbial  world as we have begun to explore the wonderful world of our  microbiomes.  This disease theories of Pasteur have led us to the  doctrines of virology and immunology. This evolution began before we  learned anything about vitamins, trace minerals and other nutrients. (2)

Western medicine is now leaving the  world of antibiotics. Antibiotics are failing and have served to create  more pathogens that are resistant to antibiotic treatments. Western  medicine is now embracing vaccination. And why not? There are untold  numbers of microbes and 7.8 billion people on earth to experiment upon.  Pharmaceutical companies have more and more vaccines in their pipelines.  All they must do is to convince us and our governments that their  vaccines are the only thing that saves us from vast epidemics, severe  illness and probably death. And not a surprise the Corona virus has  already been patented. Even at best, this season’s flu vaccines have  already proven to be 70% ineffective. The promise of herd immunity does  not hold up with vaccinated populations.  (3)
Nine Months to a Corona Vaccine

On January 23, 2020 the company  Moderna, Inc announced that it is partnering with the US National  Institutes of Health (4) to develop a vaccine to prevent infection by  the corona virus within the next 9 months. They promise new technology  to address this life-threatening epidemic. Sound good? It might be if  vaccinations worked. It might be if organisms didn’t rapidly mutate to  new forms as they pass through their vectors. It might be if vaccines  didn’t also depend on heavy metals to aggravate the immune system. It  might be if animal and human DNA from the viral growth medium weren’t  injected into the body without any clue for the long-term consequences.  Vaccines do not work.
How is the Flu Deadly?

Most of us have experienced the  respiratory illness that is characterized as the flu at some point in  our lives. Temperatures rise as it is part of the body’s natural defense  mechanism, but not always. There are aches and pains and general  malaise and coughing. Most of us take to our beds until we feel better.  However, some days after the viral assault, pneumonia (inflammation of  the lungs), caused by bacteria can set in. This infection can become  life threatening as it spreads, and organ systems become compromised. If  someone is already struggling with organ system problems, let’s say  with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or renal issues, this can become  the tipping point. The infection can lead to sepsis, a systemic  inflammatory response, shutting down organ systems leading to death.  Even in young healthy people, this response, also called a cytokine  storm, can overwhelm the body.  
Back to Antoine Béchamp

This is the other option. We can  choose to help our body’s terrain remain in its healthy state, and if we  get sick we can choose to return our body to that healthy state rather  than embrace warfare on our microbial world and be left with the  consequences of the “friendly fire”. The rest of this article will focus  on staying well and getting well despite a flu epidemic. Admittedly, it  is getting to be more and more difficult. Our water, our air and our  food have become compromised like never before in human history.

Basic and Free (or almost)
Wash your hands. We can’t live our  lives and avoid contact with other people. However, we can minimize the  challenges to our immune system by frequently washing your hands. After  the SARS outbreak in 2003, a Toronto epidemiologist related that the  installation of  numerous handwashing stations and maintaining sanitary  protocols stopped the spread of SARS in its tracks. (5)
Plain soap and water will do. You can  find alcohol and chemical wipes everywhere, but this is not the best  choice as these chemicals strip your skin of their natural oils which  also protect you.  It’s better to use wipes that have been infused with  essential oils. Essential oils have power antiviral activities and can  be inhaled and infused. Using a diffuser in public spaces such as  schools could cut down viral transmission. This reference holds a long  list of the most effective essential oils and herbal remedies.  (6)  


The So-Called Flu Season.  
“ has been my observation  that those patients receiving a Vitamin D injection in the fall have  never had a substantial cold or flu during the winter. Interestingly,  the dose of a single injection is 400,000 IU (International Units).  While that seems a substantial dose, after administering many thousands  of injections, I have never seen an example of the Vitamin D levels  climbing too high. As a matter of fact, some individuals are so depleted  at the intracellular level that they might need 2 or 3 injections over  the winter months to preserve optimal levels of vitamin D.”  Dr. Dale Guyer, Indianapolis posting in Facebook.  

Vitamin D is a primary tool for  preventing infection of all kinds. The flu season coincides with the  greatest lack of sunshine and the opportunity to create vitamin D in the  skin. It is easily supplemented. Optimal levels should be 70-80 ng/ml.  Supplementing vitamin D can be preventative. High doses can be used to  treat an acute incidence of the flu.  (7)
Linus Pauling and Vitamin C
Linus Pauling’s claim to fame was to  make vitamin C a household word. He extolled the virtues of vitamin for  prevention and treatment for colds and the flu. Vitamin C can be used in  smaller doses as prevention and ramped up to bowel tolerance for  treatment. In severe cases, a physician may offer even higher doses in  an IV treatment to speed recovery from the flu. Using vitamin C in a  phospholipid delivery system can also provide higher and effective  doses.  (8)

Dr. William Jefferies spent his  entire career studying hydrocortisone or cortisol. In his 80’s, he made  an interesting discovery. After deliberately infecting some volunteer  students, he discovered that the virus inhibited the pituitary hormone  ACTH which is responsible for the adrenal production of hydrocortisone.  That feeling of malaise and the aches and pains and headaches that come  with the flu are quickly eradicated by using supplemental  hydrocortisone.  Practitioners can provide the drug Cortef to be used  orally. However, hydrocortisone 1 % cream can be found in drug stores  and applied to the skin. To prevent the flu, establish that there are no  underlying hydrocortisone deficiencies. Practitioners rely on an  Adrenal Stress Index saliva test or morning cortisol in the serum to  identify problems. Dr. Jefferies used maintenance doses such as 5 mg of  hydrocortisone every 6 hours. In the case of an acute flu, larger doses  should be used immediately, and relief is rapid. (9)

Antibiotics are starting to fail as  mentioned above. But we really don’t have to worry much despite the dire  prognostications. Ozone, a gas, which is a very reactive form of oxygen  can treat any infection. Ozone treated water can be used in hand  washing and cleaning surfaces.  Ozonated oils such as olive oil can be  gargled if there is a sore throat. You can use ozone in your ears,  vaginally, or rectally for a full body treatment. You can also ozonate  your bath water. A practitioner can help you with intravenous options if  a serious infection has persisted. The American Association of Ozone  Therapy is a great resource to learn about ozone. (10)
To Be Continued

We are just scratching the surface so  far on all the methods we may use to deter getting an infection and  what steps we can take to treat an infection. Humanity has survived on  the earth for millions of years. There are multiple modalities, both  conventional and traditional that can strengthen the immune system and  help prevent infections. We can open the door to rediscover and identify  our rich histories of healing modalities. We have choices. We don’t  have to rely only on hastily devised, unproven and untested therapies  alone.
Article courtesy of: Carol Petersen RPh CNP
Carol Petersen  is an accomplished compounding pharmacist with decades of experience  helping patients improve their quality of life through bioidentical  hormone replacement therapy with Women’s International Pharmacy.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy and  is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Her passion to optimize health  and commitment to compounding  is evident in her involvement with organizations including the  International College of Integrated Medicine and the American College of  Apothecaries. She was also the founder and first chair for the  Compounding Special Interest Group with the American Pharmacists  Association.
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Note: Content may be edited for style and length.
This article is not intended to provide medical diagnosis, advice, treatment, or endorsement.
(1) Webster-Miriam Dictionary
(7) Henriques, Tiago “How Not To Die  With True High-Dose Vitamin D Therapy: Coimbra’s Protocol and the  Secrets of Safe High-Dose Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 Supplementation
(8) Pauling, Linus “Vitamin C, the Common Cold, and the Flu”   November 1, 1976
(9) Jefferies, William Mck “Safe Uses of Cortisol”   Published 2004 by Charles C. Thomas (first published 1981)

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